Come on Spokker, you can do this. Alright, the mythical creatures are friendly Wal-Mart employees, women who read the newspaper, and Eskimos. What do I win?

Oh "surfer", if you love fit boys, you'd love the Something Awful Forum Goons. We've got all kinds of boys who can fit into almost anything, from cars, to size 56 pants, even the doorway. Surprising I know.

Announcing that you are "14/f" on the internet sounds like, "FUCK ME I'M YOURS" to the average pedophile. It doesn't even matter if your nickname is "FBIGurl1369696969". Do this on most IRC channels and you will still be bombarded with forty some odd messeges in 1.2 seconds. Oh internet, I love you.

Everybody is amazed at how the Japanese are so clean. I bet you when the average Japanese person gets home they rip a huge fart. What an oppressed nation.

This is a common site on the BBC board. Some girl announces that she is fourteen years old and in fact a female, she gets a hundred million replies, and ends up never touching the message board again. That's discussion for you!

"eboni" will someday cure cancer.

Kids just don't belong on the internet. They don't know what they're doing, what they want to talk about, and "discussions" usually consist of "ASL WANNA CHAT LOL WHERE U FROM". It's amazing.

Oh that explains why you don't know anything about anything.

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