Dragon Ball Z

We have said everything we want to say about Dragon Ball Z in past Weekend Web features. There is nothing more that needs to be said. This section is simply a reminder of how terrible Dragon Ball Z fans are. We can never lose sight of that fact.


The first and last step of "Solar.Des1's" career in programming.

The good thing about "AGoodKind" is that he'll stop existing the first time he dies.

Hey waz up dawg!

The punishment for the Holocaust is that we introduced Dragon Ball Z into Germany. That'll teach them to exterminate the Jews.

Coming up next, Law and Order: Spirit Detective Unit.

Why would anyone rip off your idea? I'd rather have no ideas than any of yours.

Yeah why not. I don't care.

Rap is just one of those things where the fans actually ruin the image of the whole damn thing.

Too long, didn't read. And when I say didn't read, I mean I really made an effort not to read that fucking story.

I hope an army of ants eats your skin.

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