Hey Jaf, you mother trucker! Stop being so respectful and rational you big jerk! We don't take kindly to your type 'round these parts.

I'm looking at a nickel on my desk and on the back of it it says "Lewis & Clark". When the hell did this happen and who do I complain to about it?

Pussy is non-partisan, bro. Sorry you had to 'sperg out over the election.

This is the best post yet.

He said he would create jobs.

Dr. Scholl's Odor Destroyers Shoe Shot Deodorant Powder. Controls odor better than Odor-Easters & Gold Bond! Works Immediately. Lasts all day. Net Wt 227g (8 OZ)

This posts "sucks" because it's written by a "retarded" "republi"can w"ho" is out of "touch" with the real world"."

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