When someone submitted a link to a message board maintained by Charlie Daniels my first response was, "Who?". Apparently Daniels is responsible for the song "The Devil Went Down to Georgia" and I guess that makes him an authority on the Iraq War, global warming and other controversial issues. His thoughts on such topics can be viewed at The Charlie Daniels Soapbox, a forum that attracts even more insane homo-hatin' gun-slingin' born again Christians than himself. Yee-haw!

Thank Christ for Florida, Heaven's lobby. There a man can sit on dialysis and fantasize he's a cowboy. To be honest it doesn't sound so bad...

From the home office in Wahoo, Nebraska, top ten book titles for books describing liberalism! Number 10...

Uma Oprah Uma Oprah Uma Oprah

Heh, my neighbor, he's a liberal. But I let him have it with my conservative guns every time I see him and put my dick right up his ass. That'll show that gay lovin' liberal.

Wait, what? We're going to elect a TERRORIST to the Office of the President of the United States? Oh man, we've got to stop this! Why are we allowing this?!?!

They should make a sitcom about Adam and Steve. Like instead of Adam and Eve it's Adam and Steve in the Garden of Eden and they just have gay anal sex all day. No one steal my idea. It's mine!

Heh, women sure are big spenders.

What car "drinks" as much fuel as a jet? Now who's the crazy one?

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