June 30 marked his last post. Did Jeffrey cross over into the anime world and find his sweetheart? Did he move on with his life, knowing his love could never be returned? Did he die? We don't know, or perhaps we weren't meant to know. I suppose the story is open to interpretation, kind of like that book The Giver that they made us read back in school. You know, the one where the kid got the boners or whatever.

It really isn't, but good on you, friend. Thanks to my buds Darren Smith, Maxwell Anderson, Doghouse MD, Livecock, Young Buck, MrZodiac, Capt_Jim, Second Brio, Smacklug, Indian War Chief, Beech, Helsbecter, altruinomics, atheist peas, myo, and Trout Yogurt for all their help with what you just saw.

If you've got a link to a terrible forum, please DIAL THE HOTLINE!

– Johnny "Doc Evil" Titanium (@fart)

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