A7X FOR LIFE!!!!!!!!!


Here lies David Thorpe: Killed by good music hitting him in the dick.

They’re some really bold statements you've made there.

either u are completely out of ur mind or

Asking for a death wish.

I'd expect you'd get nothing but hate mail. I'm surprised you’re even doing this.

Critics are critics though, you some up GOOD and bad points you stupid fuck,

And the words you use just prove there's no sense of professional aura about u and what you do. When your writing about anything you discuss, yes your opinion but not to the point where you are only advocating for yourself. There's no point writing about your hatred and disgust for bands because nobody would want to read about that. People would rather read why they are not good and why the may be good, not have they have 'shamed' the music industry. attacking bands like avenged sevenfold who have a huge fan base just like some of the other bands is ridiculous. Your more or less attacking what they are attracting rather then what they are. They are doing well for themselves and yearn for music individuality.

And if someone like you can pick them out for being outstanding in a 'different' way then they've succeeded. You don’t even have decent information to back up your statements all you use is stupid terms and comparisons which you think is decent criticism and worthy enough to read. You attack all these bands yet they are doing so much more then you are. All you are doing is sitting on your stupid laptop typing away with so much against bands that you don’t like. not even to be considerate you fuck around talking about shit all about the band when u don't even realize decent people with decent tastes also like these bands. Least they have a good life, they earn money for being talented and standing out. They love what they are doing and are doing more then you. It is so easy to criticize bands without realizing how much they have done and how hard it was to get there. They probably have more then you, and more then you will ever.

Avenged sevenfold are unique and you basically tear them down because of that. You lazy fuck, I’d like to see you start a band and become as good as them. They have skill and talent beyond your knowledge, each song isn’t just a load of bullshit. And it takes ages for every band to write them so they sound good. The solos that you attack, you don’t even have an idea how intricate they are, so while you sit there and criticize all these bands remember they are doing more then you will ever be doing, because they are out there, and your just sitting on your stupid computer writing petty insults because you think people care what you think. You stupid stupid fuck dr David Bullshit Thorpe.


Sometimes the best way to deal with letters like this is just to totally not read them. Hey Josh, you wrote all that shit and I didn't even read it! Ha! My existence riles you up to the point where you had to write me this long, probably stupid letter, and your existence makes so little difference to me that I can, at my most meager whim, decide not to acknowledge it in even the most perfunctory way! How about this, Josh: I will look up and read three random words from your letter. I hope they're good! Okay, here we go: "...criticism worthy enough..." Well, hey, thanks Josh! I'm glad you found my criticism worthy!

im broke your neck



oh ha ha ha you think yr sum HOT FUCKING SHIT! MAKING FUN of a7x callin them ninnies and makin fun of their names when they obviously have serious talent.....oh and the thing you said about 14 year old girls still having time to like good music how about u take what u sed and shove it right up yr ass cuz its all serious bull shit...and by making fun of them to the point where it gets a little ridiculous is not guna help yr problem with condoms..O-FUCKING-K? U SHUD BE THE ONE GETTING ON YR FUCKING KNEES CUZ RIGHT NOW THERE ARE ALOT OF ANGRY A7X FANS RIGHT NOW...oh and the thing u sed?Avenged Sevenfold, so youd better get on your knees and thank Pussy Satan or whoever the fuck you worship (I wouldnt be surprised if it was Jesus; thats how lame you are) that idiot kids are willing to give you the time of day. Whats bad about jesus anyway? what are u a fuckin freak? it dont matter hoo they worship...and after the letter u wrote NOBDY SHUD GIVE U THE TIME OF DAY ASSHOLE!!!!


You know, I think I just learned a little something about myself: I think I'm a really judgmental person. I think I jump to conclusions about people. You know why? Because, as I was reading this, I totally didn't imagine the author coming home from her high-stress engineering job at Lockheed, feeding the dogs, kissing the kids goodnight, and then sitting down in her tastefully appointed home office to write a few scathing hate mails to internet comedy sites. I pretty much pictured a dumb kid throwing a little internet tantrum on grandma's Compaq. Was that wrong? Am I a bad person?

Just to tell you a little of what I think about you. Your a fucking asshole, for what you said about Avenged Sevenfold.The music you listen to is most likely to be the same shit. So if you don't know all the info on it, you have no right. Say someone you don't know wrote a page about one of your favorite bands, and you were able to send them something like these and we both know that you would. And just to tell you the name Avenged Sevenfold came from the bible, DUMBASS!!! So next time before you do something stupid like that and you want a lot of people to send you notes like this, you'll think. I hope!

Your's most hated,
-Brandy W.

Uh, would you mind just re-writing that and sending it back, Brandy? Just slow down a little, gather your thoughts. Don't rush it. It just kinda feels like all the ideas in your head are trying to come out at once and they're just getting all squished like a Play-doh Fun Factory. I'm not going to rule out the possibility that you're just too dumb to write things that make any sense, but I've learned that I need to give people the benefit of the doubt.

– Dr. David Thorpe (@Arr)

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