Welcome to Animexpansion, your source for anime weight gain! Here you can find art, stories, and more featuring big bishoujo!

Today's website claims to be the #1 Anime Weight Gain website on the entirety of the Internet. One day, a website that has more anime characters gain more and more weight will come on the scene, and the Japanese Animation Expansion Fetish Fan Art scene will erupt in Civil War. Many fan fictioners & Deviantartists will be lost, and many fat hentai fetishists will be forced to survive on the rations that Google Cache can provide. Until then, let us bask in the glory of these Salad Days. Let us celebrate the bounty that is: Animexpansion.com
"I generally accept art for any of the expansions listed above. I won't accept just anything, make sure the quality is decent."

" NOTE: I'm currently planning on allowing topless nudity in artwork; I'm considering what methods I may use to mark what artwork features content that may not be appropriate for everyone."

I think she's threatening us.

– Caylen "Abraham" Burroughs

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