Vampire Church, submitted by forum goon.Finally, a place where I can be at peace with my brethren, safe from the sharp wooden stake of the ignorant public. I have tried to keep my vampirism hidden in the past, but no more. I am at home at the Vampire Church, at last comfortable with myself and my insatiable craving for the blood of infants. The list of testimonials shows you just how great this site is for us vamps.

"I think it's beautiful that there is such a place that we can have to feel peace and not be called a freak"

Freak! But I kid the vampires. This is a great place to gain some knowledge on real life vampires, and maybe learn a little something about yourself in the process. Be sure to make your thoughts known on their spooktastic message board. Just beware that they may trace your IP and show up at your house to drain your blood, or even worse, read you some of their god awful poetry. Invest in some garlic, stat.

– Reid "Frolixo" Paskiewicz

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