I Love My iPod, submitted by Apple. Just some random moron talking about how much he loves his iPod.

There is something very wrong with me. i've fallen in love with a little white and silver machine. No, its not the new Rampant Rabbit platinum, its my 'ikkle iPod.

It cost me a bloody fortune, but it was worth every penny.

After months, maybe years of fanstasies and dreams I filled out the internet form, gave them my card details and waited for the best. A few weeks later i had a little baby iPod of my own.

Its tragic and unhealthy. i know it is. But i cant stop it, i want to take it everywhere with me. I want to buy it presents and make it happy. I want to make little mini iPods with it.

Jeez, some guys will fall in love with the first thing that'll let them stick stuff into it.

– Kevin "Fragmaster" Bowen

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