World's Fastest Clown, submitted by Wilkins. As many people know, AIDS is caused when two gay men share a cigarette. However, the appeal of smoking cannot be denied to those that are addicted, and the number one way to prevent addiction is to not smoke a lot of cigarettes. This site, which is aimed at either stopping you from smoking or stopping you from ever smoking in the first place, might be the ticket to your success in battling cigarettes, whether figuratively or literally.

The World's Fastest Clown is here to help, by combating smoking where it starts: elementary school. With cool imagery such as clowns, checkered flags, and racecars, kids will think twice about ever lighting up and enjoying a soothing smoke while watching whatever horrible anime has replaced what once was a beloved spectrum of Saturday morning cartoons.

Also featured on this site is a link to another site, which boasts a collection of terrifying Turkish surrealist anti-smoking cartoons sure to give children nightmares.

– Josh "Livestock" Boruff (@Livestock)

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