, submitted by Peeps. What could be more inane than a TV special devoted to breaking a domino world record? A TV special devoted to the memory of a sparrow that knocked over some of the dominoes for the domino TV special and was then killed by an exterminator! Read that sentence again, if you have to, or just check out the tribute site devoted to all of the idiotic news articles about this fucking bird. Here is the latest and by far the stupidest of news bulletins on the subject:

A sparrow which was shot dead for knocking over 23,000 dominoes in the Netherlands is to go on display at Rotterdam's Natural History Museum.

The bird almost spoiled a televised world record attempt before it was killed with an air rifle. [...] The shooting caused a public outcry. Animal rights groups condemned the bird's killing last

The organisers argued the killing was justified, as more than 100 people had worked for a month setting up the dominoes, but they held a TV memorial for the bird.

For those of you who might be feeling a little sad about the bird let me remind you that if you throw a dead sparrow to a bunch of sparrows they will eat it. They obviously don't care that their buddy died so I don't know why any humans should. Instead he gets a TV special and ends up in a museum. Do you think you're going to get any of that if you die? Maybe try lurking around dominoes in Europe and hope that your bumbling gets you killed.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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