, submitted by Psyks. All links redirected to tampon web sites because Anifriends is getting hammered and I really need to check my profile.

SaotomeSatoshi is 19-years-old, atheist, and looking for love. Did I mention he loves anime, comics, and role-playing "Online, In real life, and even the bedroom"? He's looking for a girl who isn't into drugs or slutty clothes.

If he plays his cards right that girl just might be Kanira. Let's watch as he steps up to the plate and lays out some lines.

Okay, not bad. But you're going to have to say more than that!

Swing and a miss. Strike 1. Maybe she isn't the one. Let's move on to the next lucky lady.

Strike 2. You know, forget strike 3. I just feel too bad for the guy.

If the fascinating saga of SaotomeSatoshi hasn't convinced you, Anifriends is the leading MySpace clone for socially inept anime nerds. Don't take my word for it! Sign up yourself. I know I did.

Note: Their site is really slow. They need to upgrade their servers if they expect to be the next MySpace! What is this the minor leagues?!

– Hassan "Acetone" Mikal

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