The Official Billy Jack Website, submitted by Fistgrrl. Who is Billy Jack? Well, he's a character from an early 70s action movie and, according to Wikipedia, Billy Jack is "a Native American Green Beret Vietnam War veteran, hapkido master, and gunslinger". So basically if you add mutant and cyborg to that he is every action movie hero wrapped into one. There have been four Billy Jack movies total, one of which was never actually released, and a fifth film which will supposedly be released in 2007.

You may have detected a hint of doubt in that last sentence. It looked a lot like the word "supposedly" and, in fact, was that word. The reason I doubt the new Billy Jack movie's chances can be best summed up by the absolutely insane and rambling official website:

A New Genre of Film combining fiction film with cinema verite, reality film, documentary and computer graphics ...

perhaps the most unusual Feature Film yet made.

Here’s why …

Imagine Billy Jack in a heated debate with the real George Bush over whether or not Bush lied about invading Iraq.

Yes! He wants to make an action move that uses CGI to let Billy Jack debate politics with a sitting president. Fantastic concept! There is also a whole bunch of creepy stuff about sex and masturbation that he wants to work in there, as well as a huge plot about neocons and Halliburton. Why couldn't he just use hapkido and his Green Beret training to break an Al Qaeda guy's neck or something? Jeez.

– Zack "Geist Editor" Parsons (@sexyfacts4u)

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