World Wrestling e-Fed, submitted by Biggs. They roleplay on a forum as their favorite wrestlers. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Like I give a damn! It could be me and Super Boy in a Kiss My Ass Septic Tank match! As long as I get a chance to get my hands on you then I'll go along with it quietly. Now, at RAW, I'm going to introduced my new move, that I worked long and hard to perfect. So, you better watch out, because when you let your guard down the Stone Cold Terminator will strike and drive the deadly venom into your heart Why Too Gay. And that's the bottom line. Why? Cause Stone Cold Said SO!!!!!!!!

See? That was "Stone Cold" Steve Austin speaking! In roleplaying form! Get it? Regardless, here's the link to play. Might I suggest some of your favorite wrestlers from Nintendo Pro Wrestling?

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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