SpEds Paintball, submitted by JC. Speaking of exercise, these clever youth have created a brand new and exciting method of getting into shape while having fun and possibly critically injuring themselves in the process: they buy wheeled office chairs, sit down on them, and then get a friend to push them down a hill into a rock or wall or pile of trash! How fun! What an excellent use of spare time, time that could possibly be used to research the topic of "stupid things people probably shouldn't ever, ever do no matter how bored they are." Their website also has a comprehensive and detailed analysis of paintball guns and their rival, the Airsoft guns.

For you people who don't know what Airsoft is, it's the gayest idea ever created. It involves little plastic BB's which you shoot from SPRING LOADED GUNS. How GAY. As you can see people who even think Airsoft is cool are gay and homogetic people. *If anyone wants to join the gay people at RMS to play Airsoft, then tell them they are gay and don't join in!*

This highly critical review of Airsoft guns comes from a group of kids who record footage of themselves sitting in chairs, rolling down hills, and colliding with pieces of plywood, so I'm not sure how much weight you should put into their synopsis. Their videos include colliding with a mailbox, colliding with a street sign, colliding with even more street signs, and colliding with two street signs at once. Kids these days need to learn how to do something more constructive with their free time, such as drugs or arson or anything except filming themselves rolling into street signs unless it results in them dying.

PS: They have a guestbook you can sign, but I have no idea how they manage to read it while flying down a street strapped to an office chair.

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka (@lowtax)

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