Contrary to prevailing online opinion, hirsute macho actors and random-crap collages are not inherently hilarious. Under some circumstances, the SA Forum Goons exercise their right to salvage such "wacky" amalgamations, and the results are glorious. When confronted with the self-explanatory Selleck Waterfall Sandwich, they came up with a few images that are better than anything displayed on the allegedly "mind-bottling" site, but it seems unlikely they'll be motivated to turn this contrived theme into a Photoshop Phriday. So I'll just post their contributions here and make Selleck Waterfall Sandwich an Awful Link, one that serves as a sobering reminder of what the Internet finds funny.

Useless Rabbit


Sample hackery from the actual bullshit Selleck Waterfall Sandwich site, which sucks on purpose LOL irony.

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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