Christine "Penny Plunder" Olsen lives "on the edge of reality," which means she's a grown woman who sleeps in a room filled with stuffed animals and paints odd mythical creatures like unicorn mermaids, bunnyfish and Adam Ant. She paints these things with skill and charges reasonable rates, so feel free to contact her for your "frog maiden" art needs. Unfortunately, she didn't stop while she was slightly ahead, with a decent fantasy-weirdo gallery and a mildly obnoxious, embarrassingly non-age-appropriate site design. Instead, she felt compelled to create Super Vagina.

Super Vagina is notified of a woman in distress by a tingling in her vagina. She then yells, "Oh Mighty Sekhmet!" and is transformed into a feminist, new age Super Hero! She kicks the asses of irresponsible and stupid men, and sometimes women too. Like that irritating hippie girl at the co-op!!

The contents of the Super Vagina "comic/coloring/activity" books aren't available online, but Trollop Hut provides more than enough damning evidence of this character's existence. Like this anatomy chart, which demonstrates that, counterintuitively, the "mark of the vagina" is not the actual vagina.

Or this painting of a unicorn who looks as though he's about to spear our hero right in her not-mark-of-the vagina.

Finally, and worst of all, there's this:

– Andrew "Garbage Day" Miller

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