I HAATTTTTTTTTE YOUUUUUUUUUU *throws a fuckin pillow*

Submitted by RagingBoar

This is literally my reaction to 9/10ths of the videos you assholes submit.

Critics Corner

"Im actually very excited that Chris Allen won. I think the judges gave Adam Lambert too much credit, and they basically predicted that Adam was the winner the night before. I think when Simon predicted Adam to be the winner the night before, it made a lot of Chris and Danny fans vote a more for Chris. Adam has a great voice and he's talented,ÿ but Chris has the true raw talent with less screamin. Adam made me hate going to church on Sunday cause I knew my preacher was gonna have a screamoff. Ha"


"okayy im still not done.... do you fat lards realize that you are full grown adults willing to look up youngerÿ children's reaction to a tv show...... it is not written in the ten commandments nor in the united states constitution that you have a right to bash tori for being in love with adam. you see, she is just an innocent young girl in love.... so BACKK OFF FUCKEERSSS"


"was that necessary? really? Uÿ GOTTA REPRESENT THE GAY PRIDE. shove ur big ego and ur obnoxious remarks up ur tiny ass crack ok? u honestly neeed a muzzle. gosh. u probably look like a mix of a constopated turtle and santa...yea thats what i thought. "


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