Twiztid-All Of The Above

Submitted by KJ

Take note, loyal readers! If and when watching these terrible videos becomes too much for me to bear and I finally blow my brains out, this is the exact sort of memorial I want: trailer trash lip syncing to a Twiztid song while holding a hatchet. Please ensure that one of the two rappers is fat and that the other one looks like a NASCAR enthusiast (if his name is Ricky or Darryl, all the better).

I know hiring such talented individuals may be expensive, so to cut back on costs, feel free to skimp on the location shots. Perhaps the local landfill and my grandmother's yard? Just a few ideas to help you get started!

You might want to get cracking on my tribute because after watching this abortion, I feel I am not long for this world.

Critics Corner

"There's some deeper concepts in this video than from what some ppl actually believe.

our voices suck btw its bad enuff we had to take their video, why fuck up there song?

these w.i.c.k.e.d. videos we're just a minor project too work onÿ til max got out of jail. the funny thing is we started this a few weeks before our homeboy passed away. but now we're gettin ready for bigger and better shit."


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