Nazi Punks Fuck Off!

Submitted by madlad

"White nationalists" (or whatever "I sure hates me some dang ol' nigras" code word they're going by these days) are as hilarious as they are stupid. They somehow manage to simultaneously think that the white race is the best, brightest, most awe-inspiring paragon of perfection and civilization the world has ever known and yet they also think that they're constantly on the verge of being eradicated by other ethnic groups which they of course view as a bunch of crack-smoking, liquor-store-robbing, welfare-cheating, lazy, inferior animals.

I am not sure how these retards manage to dress themselves, let alone fear for their own existence at the hands of people they think are so terrible and inferior, but I can only assume they adopted this worldview after playing Civilization II and having their tanks demolished by bronze-age swordsmen. 

Seriously, fuck that game.

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