2. Clan either writes in haX0r lingo, gangsta rap, or pseudo-military terms they heard from "Full Metal Jacket".
4. Page is a shrine to clichéd animated gifs or Javascript (usually coincides with #1).
7. Page layout / color scheme burns your retinas and causes brain damage.

Samples From Website:

"Welcome To Da Hood Of Da [Red Scorpion Gangstaz], If You Love Hip Hop, You've Come To Da Right Neighborhood. If You Suck At Quake, Dont Bother Comin To This Hood."

"Hey sup niggas, look whos here again, well who u callin a 10 year old mother fucker, quake 1 aint dead fuck nut. all the true skilled niggas still plays quake1"

Description:Yet another example of the adverse effects of hip-hop culture on geeks. This site has a "most wanted" section where you can view a list of quake players who pissed off clan RSG by "Crampin' They Style" while they were "Jus Chillin' Like A Villian" and there is also a "Top 10 Reasons Not To Join Clan [RSG]" section which is pretty good except for the curious absence of "you have at least a little bit of self-respect".

Link for you to join?: Yes

– Rich "Lowtax" Kyanka

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