Bro Dad

hey not to sound like a noob or anything but how do you throw away the cereal? i want to get rid of it because im pretty sure its responsible for my nightmares but it keeps coming back


According to the General Mills FAQ page:
Pin the box to a willow tree by a silver spike.


I can verify this works but don't do it with any willow tree you own or have a sentimental attachment to. The tree in my backyard is growing really weird leaves now. They're, like, strings of tiny little circles or something? I tried taking the box down but it started screaming.


Yeah should have mentioned DO NOT PULL OUT THE SPIKE. EVER.

It will only make things worse.

circ dick soleil

Have you ever noticed that, if you smash a cheerio, the dust it creates is actually tiny little cheerios? You cannot destroy a cheerio through any physical means.

dog buttz

There's nothing supernatural or magical about the power of the ancient grains. They just possess technology beyond our understanding.

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