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Manchester's gay scene is centered on a little road that runs alongside a small waterway. It's called Canal Street. The council spends a ridiculous amount of money replacing the street signs after some merry japester inevitably confiscates the C:

woot fatigue

I'm very proud to have taken part in this one. The date - 6/6/06, the location - Hell, Michigan, the event - Hellfest! It didn't matter what walk of life you came from - on this day, the thousands upon thousands of people who visited this kitschy Michigan town and partook in the day's events were all equal in their state of white trash.


Improving the downtown parking policy.


I saw this one in the summer of '06 and thought it was a pretty good deal being offered.

I'm pretty sure it was for Naked Grape Chardonnay, but I like the prospect of some good hard naked rape for $8.90.

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