I guess if you're young and 'hip' you might find this contribution from Gambl0r to be amusing, but all modern music disgusts me, so I am repulsed by it.

Let's all dedicate our lives to unlocking the Megaman outfit in Dead Rising, then thank Hackuma for inspiring us to do so.

I'm sick of you people, including Hungry Joes Smile, putting so many damn Futurama characters in my updates!

jrr's effort features a skull from Monkey Island. Perhaps you've played the game. Or maybe you haven't. Those are the two choices.

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    Lair Flair!

    Your lair. Maybe you lure victims to it, maybe you hide in it between killings, or maybe you haunt it 24/7 because you’re tragically confined by a curse. Whatever the situation, for most of us monsters, a living/un-living space is an important part of our identities. In this column, Monstergeddon award winners share their lair tips and techniques!

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    SkyMall Product Review: Bark Deterring Ultrasonic Collar

    Works great on my child, who hasn't barked at all for as long as she's worn the apparatus. When she turns three, we will remove it for a trial period.

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