Soos watches too many movies and TV shows and can't communicate like a normal person but I guess his images are pretty cool so please do him a favor by looking at your monitor and scrolling downwards.

I just munched a serious burger for every contribution from The Cubelodyte that I am about to feature. In total, that was three delicious beef 'n' bun bad boys so now I am ready to party!!!!!!

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  • We Are Ready to Announce That Grimace is Human

    We Are Ready to Announce That Grimace is Human

    It's true. Grimace is human. God help us, we did our best for him.

  • Lair Flair!

    Lair Flair!

    Your lair. Maybe you lure victims to it, maybe you hide in it between killings, or maybe you haunt it 24/7 because you’re tragically confined by a curse. Whatever the situation, for most of us monsters, a living/un-living space is an important part of our identities. In this column, Monstergeddon award winners share their lair tips and techniques!

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