Phobia was my favorite character from the hit TV show Friends, but today in the Goldmine we're focusing on irrational fears. Experts say our environment and experiences determine what we are afraid of, as the only two fears we are born with are being scared of sudden loud noises and falling over. This is why you should never throw a surprise party on an ice skating rink. Don't be afraid to check out the following contributions from a harmless bunch of cowards, the forum goons.

Killy gets things started with a depiction of the fear of long words, as well as an image showing the frightening phobia of peanut butter sticking in the mouth known as Arachibutyrophobia.

"Put a cork in it and stop whining" is a sure fire way to cure people of Oenophobia, according to 37ArmsToBind.

Let's all have a whale of a time with Cheap Shot and his fear of Free Willy known as Cetaphobia.

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