JohnClark asked:

How well do you get along with fire/EMS? I'm a volunteer firefighter/EMT as well as a paid EMT in another community, and some cops/deputies are great to have on scene, others seem interested in just doing their own thing and others are real assholes.

Citycop replied:

I get along with them well, and I think they generally like me. I don't hang out with them, but I would if they would invite me over to the station to eat with them. I see them outside cooking BBQ. In retrospect they seem pretty stingy.

magicrabbit asked:

What is the most terrible thing you have ever arrested someone for?

Citycop replied:

I had this illegal Hispanic that was doing some work for a guy at his house. He let him go in the house to use the bathroom and went in to check after he didn't come back for what seemed like too long. He heard his 2 year old daughter scream in her room and she ran out and told him that the man made her privates hurt. The man came out of her room.

I'm surprised the guy didn't even kick his ass. I can't imagine what I would do.

UltraRed asked:

How many people do you arrest (put in handcuffs), in a week? A month?

Citycop replied:

I probably average about one for every day I work (15 days a month).

We're out of time again, so I'm letting you out early for good behavior. Thanks to Citycop for fielding the questions from our eager forum goons, and a special thanks to the other cops who also gave an insight into the life of a police officer. You can read the whole shebang, and even ask your own questions, right here. Join me next Tuesday for another Comedy Goldmine, brought to you by the forces of pure evil.

– Craig "Russ" Russell

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