If you use the Internet, which most of you probably do, then chances are you've probably used the search engine Google a good number of times. Chances are you're also a deviant pedophile who writes erotic fanfiction about the cast of Muppet Babies, but that's besides the point. Google is the number one choice when it comes to searching the web for the resources that you need to expand your vocabulary in order to write the graphically detailed descriptions of Nanny and Kermit in the closet. It also is good for searching many other things, including, but not limited to: Everything. The Awful Forum users saw this, and decided to get Awful on Google's ass. Long story short, things got crazy - and you know I meant to spell that "Kwazy," baby. Enjoy.

PS: There is no "Page of Woe" this week to lampoon the bad entries because some asshole hacked our forums before I could save the terrible pictures. Sorry folks, I'll make sure to rip on next week's shitty photoshoppers extra hard. When we get the forums back up, join it. It's a better way to waste your tme than writing your perverted child porn.

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