The doctor and a nurse stood at the head of the line and as each person came up to see them they would thank the doctor and then the doctor would decapitate them with an axe. The things I remember most clearly are how happy everyone was to see the doctor, and how businesslike and emotionless the doctor and nurse were...

Lazy Divey

A demonically possesed Betsy Wetsy doll weilding a knife...


A blazing sun, rising in a stark, cloudless sky. A bush/tree bared of all its leaves, a completely skeletal structure, with children running around it in a circle laughing...


I looked under the sink and found a garbage pail with a severed head in it...

Freakin Socrates

I suddenly see these three little figures down a long hall. As they get closer I can better make out their features and only freeze in horror. They are child-sized, mostly human creatures. They are hairless, with light grey skin and blank white eyes. They also had pointed ears. They ran at me, each wielding a single syringe with a very long needle. Each filled with a glowing green substance...

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  • The Fandangling Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

    The Fandangling Fables of Groggery Gibbonman

    'We’re going to be in trouble!' Little Sister wailed, clutching her favorite book to her chest and sobbing. 'This isn’t fun like a story anymore!' But Big Sister was not listening, she was thinking. She grabbed Little Sister’s book from her and ran into town, yelling 'Help! A book made me and my sister hurt someone!'

  • Enter: the Lead Loremaster

    Enter: the Lead Loremaster

    I've been wanting to meet you all for the past few weeks, but I guess I cut an intimidating figure. I'm the new guy, with the cool job you've all surely been gossiping about. Yep, I'm the Lead Loremaster, and I'm here to enrich everything we do with much-needed lore.

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