DipesXP provides a shoe bombing guide for dummies. If the FBI is reading this, please keep in mind that I think USA is #1.

FrozenEntree has an idea even better than arming pilots with handguns - arming them with the caped crusader!

fuctifino shows a few tiny flaws in the average easyJet. He also uses that goofy "£" symbol. I think that means he's a commie!!!

GlueSpaz details the possible terror you may face at 20,000 feet; the dreaded Oxygen Mask Beast!

GoatReadEnd not only has an incredibly goofy username, but he is also a fan of an incredibly goofy band.

ixnay37 piloted his plane right into the feelgood sensation of Bill Keane's heart.

kai has a handy guide to easing the stress of air travel.

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