Zack: You're in some sort of hospital now and you see a really hot babe in a swimsuit and she's wearing go-go boots and holding an air horn and a hypodermic needle.

Steve: Dang that babe is smoking hot. Am I still all horny from the vagina on the tree?

Zack: You are way horny, dude. You are even hornier after looking at this babe. She says, "I want to give you a shot."

Steve: Top off shot. I tell her that. She can give me a shot but she has to get out those hooters.

Zack: "Does not compute. Input new parameters. Beep boop beep boop!"

Steve: Frigging robot hospital! I knew it!

Zack: She's still trying to give you that shot.

Steve: I grab her and throw her in the sink. "Sleep with the fishes lady! In fish jail!"

Zack: Her circuits bust out of her head, but not before she hits the air horn.

Zack: Suddenly a way buff dude robot enters and he looks PISSED. He's all pumped up. He sees the girl robot dead in the sink and he gets even more mad.

Steve: I've got some of that for you, Tae Bo!

Zack: "You killed my robot wife! You murderer!"

Steve: "Robot marriage is illegal in the Duchy of Geoff!" I'm gonna swing my axe at him as I say that last part. Like the exclamation point.

Zack: You hack him in two before he can react. You see the light fading from his eyes. Somewhere in the distance you hear a robot child calling for "mommy and daddy."

Steve: I had no choice. They were attacking me.

Zack: If that's what you have to tell yourself to sleep at night.

Steve: Is there a way out of here?

Zack: Other than the way you came there is one large door and then a long hallway. The robot child's voice is coming from the long hallway.

Steve: The large door!

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