Steve: A road construction crew of 3030.

Zack: "Excuse me, ma'am, we're here to read the meter. No, I'm not wearing anything under my straw vest, why do you ask?

Steve: Yeah, he's alarmingly naked.

Zack: His sexual identity is wrapped up in not wearing any pants, bigot. The Kyriarchy conditions him to feel shame for his lower half, but he knows he wasn't meant to wear pants. Why do we even need pants?

Steve: I don't think I could ever have a dog jump on my lap if I didn't have pants. That would be super weird.

Zack: What if the dog is actually your mother from another Heinleinian dimension and she wants to have sex with you?

Steve: What if it was you and you had a tiger head and were wearing boxing gloves?

Zack: Sounds like we're going down tot he basement for bottomless sundaes.

Steve: Bottomless everything.

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