Steve: I'm not falling for this one again! My hungry butthole is just fine, thank you very much.

Zack: You don't need it rocked by a power supply on legs?

Steve: This thing couldn't rock a baby's butthole.

Zack: It wants to hook into your video carrrrrds!

Steve: He's got suction cup feet so he can either climb up buildings or listen to conversations on the floor below him.

Zack: Wait a second, did I just skip over you talking about a baby's hungry butthole?

Steve: You're taking it out of context.

Zack: No, hold on, in context, you said, "This thing couldn't rock a baby's butthole." So, now, let me ask you, what could rock a baby's butthole and, follow up question, how do you know this?

Steve: I don't know dude, like thermometers and stuff. I'm talking doctor stuff. Don't make it into some big thing.

Zack: No,of course not dude. A big thing would absolutely destroy a little tiny baby's hungry butthole, you disgusting freak!

Steve: Dude!

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