Zack: He's offering up an ice-cold beverage from his chest-mounted 12-pack coolers.

Steve: "Yo, buds, it's me, Dervish, the partyingest mech on Solaris! Pull up a beach towel, grab a cold brew, and plug something into my arm outlets!"

Zack: "Wow! Couple of Jagermechs and an Awesome at 6 o'clock. Hey now, boys, don't look right at them, you'll scare them off!"

Steve: "Ohhhh ugh they're with an Archer! One of you two gets the Archer. Take one for the team."

Zack: He can mix drinks in his legs and if you critical hit his head a burrito will pop out of that triangle in his chest.

Steve: "What's up, baby? Is your name Kerensky? Cuz I ain't seen double heatsinks like those since I visited Strana Mechty."

Zack: Alright, now that's just gratuitous.

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