Zack: I want to punch every character featured in every piece of artwork for this game.

Steve: They're just bringing magic into this world, dude. They're spreading the dreams.

Zack: If I was dreaming about these three I'd learn how to lucid dream so I could cut up their torsos with my chainsaw. No, with my chainsaw hands.

Steve: Oh man, that reminds me, I downloaded a lucid dreaming app for my iPad and I was able to do about 90% of the things I wanted to get done in my dreams. You can make anything happen.

Zack: Did you cut the fedora off a dream elf with your chainsaw hands?

Steve: Mostly I had to finish old video games I never got around to beating in real life. Like the Shadowrun game for Genesis and Crimson Skies and Crescent Hawks Revenge.

Zack: FASA must be very disappointed in you.

Steve: I also might have had sex with myself, but it was cool because the other me was totally a hot girl.

Zack: How deep does your rabbit hole go?

Steve: Gross dude.

Zack: I believe you will soon discover that it is you who is the gross dude.

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