Zack: The real hook horror is when this poor guy has to zip up.

Steve: Jeez, or turn a doorknob.

Zack: It's like somebody started to copy off something from Dark Crystal and then just sighed and gave up when they got to the hands. And they started with the hands.

Steve: Actually, this fellow looks a lot like the crabman from the first part with a full-on bird head and handicapped hands.

Zack: He also looks like he just got caught trying to escape from prison and he's about to get chased out of frame by bullets from a tommy gun.

Steve: The Dame Wore Hooks!

Zack: Of all the two-copper screech caves in Underdark she had to scuttle into mine.

Steve: Her exoskeleton was all curves, like an '8' with a bird head.

Zack: Her clacking said "yes," but her hooks said "no."

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