Zack: Frank didn't even need an attractive, nubile woman to make his point about the ball-crushing adventure and drama of fantasy.

Steve: That's a sweet picture, but it seems like kind of an unfair fight. I mean, giant pythons kill stuff like babies and small dogs. Do you really need to charge it on a horse and lay waste with a huge axe?

Zack: Of all people, Steve, I would have figured you would get it. The point isn't do you "need to" charge a big snake on your horse and wield an axe, the point is, why wouldn't you? You're a fantastic barbarian with glowing red eyes and a bloody axe. What possible motivation could you have for not charging around lopping the heads off reptiles?

Steve: I might be able to leave the room and think of some, but staring at that picture I have to admit you're right. If you have the tools, use them.

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