Zack: I'm waiting for them to be pursued through an ominous doorway by cops and then come out chasing the cops in a more distant ominous doorway.

Lowtax: This is one of those fake perspective images, the hallway really only extends two feet. The entrance at the end is 3 inches tall.

Lowtax: We're looking inside Barbie's Nightmare Cottage

Zack: That would be much better than what I was thinking: the hallway needs a brazilian.

Zack: It's summer, Rich. You can't go to the beach with tentacles sticking out of your bikini.

Lowtax: But my bikini is actually just a wad of tentacles

Zack: What do you think the title of this masterpiece might be?

Zack: I'm thinking "Worst room service at shittiest hotel."

Lowtax: "Oops"

Lowtax: "I'll Get Better"

Lowtax: "Practice"

Zack: "Flip this hell house"

Lowtax: I guess it really doesn't matter that the snakes stole his doors since the spider already stole his key.

Zack: And really, what is a head on a stack of books going to do with all those doors anyway?

Lowtax: The undead are hoarders!

Lowtax: The undead hoard.

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