Zack: There's a Chinese restaurant down the street that serves this thing in a spicy sauce. It's delicious!

Steve: Do you eat its thoughts?

Zack: Well, I get a headache every time I eat there, but I doubt this thing was thinking about my idea for a Futanari remake of Robocop.

Steve: I know you hate it when I do this, but I have to defend the Thought Eater.

Zack: Looks like it can defend itself. A duck bill AND fangs? Yikes!

Steve: I know it looks stupid, but this monster is pretty cool. You could have it menacing a village and people don't know what it is and it's a big mystery because it's ethereal.

Zack: A cracking caper! I wonder how Monk would cope with an invisible duck that makes you retarded.

Steve: Monks wouldn't help you much unless they were high level. You need someone who can project or see the ethereal plane.

Zack: I think that's what Natalie is for.

Steve: Does she have a magic weapon or the ability to enter the ethereal plane?

Zack: Hm, I'm not sure, but I'm going to go ahead and answer "yes".

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