Steve: Ah! Floating eyes and skeleton hands! Let me put on these true seeing glasses and...whew, just an evil blackened elf intent on murdering me.

Zack: How did the blackened elf guy get his hands so close to his eyes?

Steve: I don't think you get it. His body is invisible. You can only see his skeleton hands and eyeballs.

Zack: Yeah, but, his hands are where his mouth should be.

Steve: He's invisible.

Steve: You can't see the rest of him.

Zack: I don't think you could position your hands there even if they could pass through your body.

Steve: Dude. His body is invisible.

Zack: I'm just going to put this one down to magic. I would like stated for the record that I do not buy into Steve's rationale.

Steve: If you want your mistake to be immortalized forever on the Internet then you go right ahead.

Zack: Fine.

Steve: Fine.

Steve: He's invisible.

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