Zack: Kempers, no!

Steve: Guess what I found baked into the worst dang king cake ever?

Zack: I would rather fight the bone monster.

Steve: Are you setting up another Craigslist joke?

Zack: I was the evil plastic baby hulking the fuck out on the subway, you were a bipedal conglomeration of skulls, hooves, and bones clattering around in pursuit of unholy vengeance. Would like to offer my ghastly doll body up for non-stop fuck session.

Steve: Tease me with your skeleton keys.

Zack: Pamper my pouty p-due.

Zack: I think I felt better about all this when we weren't writing baby sex jokes directed at skeleton monsters.

Steve: In rpg gaming the only limit is your imagination.

Zack: Fortunately society places other limits on us. Like the kind where we'll both be listed on registries if we don't knock it off.

Steve: I thought they closed down gleemax.

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