Pulp covers are not exactly roleplaying games, but Steve and Zack look back on some of the great pulp cover artwork that has been a big influence on gaming. This is intense stuff, so sensitive viewers should be advised not to stare too long at Nazi abs and torn bras.

Zack: Mandrills ripped my MILF!

Steve: Why are they so naked?

Zack: Most primates don't wear clothes, Steve.

Steve: Not the monkeys, the people. Why would they crash their plane and then take off their clothes?

Zack: Maybe they weren't wearing any when they got in the plane. Haven't you ever just thrown some sandals on your feet on a lazy Sunday and gone through a drive through to get a burger or something?

Steve: Not in an airplane.

Zack: And that's why you never get to hang out with busty babes and mandrills.

Steve: Pretty sure the picture is a cautionary tale on not doing that.

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