Zack: Sooooomeone is afraid of intimacy!

Steve: I'd love to follow this dude around for a day just to see what sorts of trouble he has.

Zack: A lot, I would guess. He's crippling himself intentionally,but he'll probably demand spike lifestyle acceptance and social accommodations.

Steve: And knowing the Coalition nanny state they're gonna cave.

Zack: Sure, spike-friendly skullevators and skull seating. Exits and bathrooms especially for people covered head to toe in spikes at all skull-shaped venues.

Steve: I'm just trying to run my business selling work caps to dog men and the Coalition is making install a spike ramp for this guy who CHOOSES to wear spikes everywhere. It's choice.

Zack: No, Steve, he was born with this spike man waiting to come out. Why would anyone ever CHOOSE to live the outsider's existence of the spike man? This is who he has to be to express himself.

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