Zack: Alright, time for us to play Fashion SWAT, Steve.

Steve: I'm not good at that.

Zack: You'll be good at this. We're going to take a look at some of the most ridiculous costumes in the Juicer Uprising book, starting with split-skull up there.

Steve: It sends a mixed message having a skull face on top of a ribcage.

Zack: You'd think after an apocalypse you'd see people with metal soup pots on their heads driving around in rusty pick up trucks festooned with actual human skulls. Instead we get sort of a Skull Deco period where everything is stylized skulls. Seems like a weird waste of post-apocalypse resources.

Steve: It's called branding. The Coalition is just trying to establish its brand identity.

Zack: Pirates did a pretty good job with just a flag. What I'm saying is sometimes less is more when it comes to the skulls.

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