Zack: 101 Mummy Dalmatians.

Steve: This dude is perfect for my Three Mummy Moon t-shirt.

Zack: The memes are out of control in this one today.

Steve: Out of control for the win, I think you mean. ftw.

Zack: No, Steve, ftl. ftl.

Steve: I got my mom some yellow roses from FTL for Valentines. I signed the note as a secret admirer, but it backfired because then she made me go to the movies to see Avatar again and when I got home she was wearing that special night dress she wore the time the guy came over to fix the heater.

Zack: You need to post a picture of your mom. Get her set up on Craig's List.

Steve: She's afraid of the computer ever since I tricked the Net Nanny on our old computer to send her to no matter what site she typed in.

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