Steve: Yo, this is OG D&D style right here. Name randomly jammed in there and ridiculous old lady with no pants riding a horse.

Zack: Somebody, presumably a human, looked at this image and said, "Yes, that's good. Let's put it in the front of our book."

Steve: Maybe that sort of quality control explains why there are multiple pages of naval combat rules and minimal character creation information.

Zack: Poor quality control can't explain why they decided to devote nearly an entire page to egotistical swords.

Steve: "Yeah, I had a pretty sweet sword until it made me find some weakass punk and then it gave itself to him."

Zack: Magic sword divas get a page, describing clerics gets one paragraph.

Steve: Actually, that sounds about right. Boring church people vs. magical swords that talk and scheme against you. My bad, Gygax.

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