1991's smash hit Vampire: The Masquerade paved the way for White Wolf's followup RPG series, 1992's Werewolf: The Apocalypse. Vampire's S&M homoeroticism gave way to the furry fury of Werewolf's blood and guts lycanthrope protagonists. The series traded heavily on Native American imagery and ideas and set up the werewolves as head-chomping Captain Planets pitted against environment-wrecking, mind-bending Banes, Fomori and rogue werewolves. Like Vampire, Werewolf's artwork was wildly hit-or-miss.

Steve: Alright, man, now we're talking. This was a real man's game about cutting up dudes and knife fighting.

Zack: The main things I remember about this game were the 50 pages of blood and guts flying out of a wolf man and every ten pages had some poem about raging. Lots of poetry.

Steve: I always wondered why half the pictures have Indian looking dudes with wolf skin headdresses. How often do you see some shaman dude walking around with a person skin headdress?

Zack: They're just making a pun. It's a WEAR wolf. Get it? GET IT? He's WEARING a WOLF!

Steve: You're not going to be nice with this one are you?

Zack: He's wearing a WOLF!!!

Steve: Jeez...

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