Steve: You go down some stairs inside the cave and it's all hot and nasty smelling. You enter a tunnel with some water and up ahead of you there is a filthy looking gynosphinx, which is like a sphinx but with boobs hanging out.

Zack: "Hail and well met, milady. Why are you down in a cave?"

Steve: She barks "this is where I love it. This is my home."

Zack: "Your home seems really amazingly horrible and shit. What a miserable home. I wouldn't live here and I am married to my skeleton bride and we live in graves of DIRT. Look at yourself, flapping your wings around a tunnel. You make me sick to my stomach!"

Steve: She starts getting mad.

Zack: I tell my skeleton to attack the sphinx and then I yell a battle cry for the skeleton.

Steve: The skeleton runs at the sphinx but hits an invisible force field.

Zack: Let us through you coward!

Steve: She says "First you must answer my riddle."

Zack: Oh, here we go, playing to stereotypes.

Steve: "Round she is, yet flat as a board. Altar of the Lupine Lords. Jewel on black velvet, pearl in the sea. Unchanged but e'erchanging, eternally. What am I?"

Zack: A lion woman with her tits out sitting in a filthy sewer like a pig.

Steve: That's not right, but she takes the force field down so she can fight you. She smashes your skeleton to pieces with her claws.

Zack: My bony bride! This filthy feline will pay with her life! I summon another skeleton. A warrior expert skeleton.

Steve: There's some black lightning and another skeleton appears next to you.

Zack: I tell the skeleton to attack the sphinx and then while they're busy I'm going to go ahead down the tunnel.

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