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Zack: There are a lot more "lesser" armies you can play in Warhammer 40,000. There are the Necrons, Daemon and Witch Hunters, Dark Eldar, and a bunch specific Space Marine chapters with special characters.

Steve: There used to be space dwarfs called Squats, but the models were not too cool and they got phased out.

Zack: If you want to play lady Space Marines but you are too lazy to put breasts on all your figures you can play Sisters of Battle. They're just like Space Marines only way worse at everything except shooting flamethrowers.

Steve: You make it sound like they're really bad, but flamers are just about the best weapon in the game next to power weapons. And the Sisters of Battle also have the sexiest unit which is like these ladies dressed in nothing but some tape. I would totally play them if they weren't really bad.

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