Dr. Thorpe:I knew that someday Flava Flav would influence trends in European high-fashion.

Zack:Can a brutha get a beard?

Dr. Thorpe:He's opening his coat and yelling "who stole my giant clock pendant?"

Zack:"Whoooo stole my beard?"

Dr. Thorpe:I wonder if he's just the cheap Italian knockoff of Flav. He stands behind Etro all day, occasionally yelling out "Yo, Etro, I still don't think these cats understand what you're trying to say! Hit em again with some big beards, man!"

Zack:If that's the case then he's saying "Fuck fuck fuck these guys who are making fun of us right now in their article"

Zack:The hat makes me think it's awfully cold, but then he's wearing half a sweater so I'm getting mixed messages.

Dr. Thorpe:It looks like he forgot to wear a bib when he went out to dinner and he spilled some wallpaper samples from 1972 all over his shirt.

Zack:Either that or he had a really bad lobster.

Dr. Thorpe:Yeah, like a surreal lobster.

Zack:He cracks a claw and cartoon rainbows comes out followed by unicorns and talking birds. I have to admit, though, I feel sort of hamstrung on this one because I keep thinking of things that are vaguely racist. Ohhh poor me and my white man's burden.

Dr. Thorpe:Aside from that, the red suit is actually sort of snazzy. I think it has its place in this world. Like maybe on the lead singer of some doofus teenage-girl band like Maroon 5 during a sham awards ceremony.

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